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Belle & Tally
4 Yrs & 2 Yrs Old At Training

Behavioral Issues

I have two dogs, Belle and Tally that I absolutely adore, but they were very spoiled with no manners or discipline. I was not able to take them on walks because they would drag me along like a rag doll.

Let me tell you about them one at a time because they are very different. Belle is a very smart dog. She is also a very strong dog. I had no control over her on walks. Walking Belle was worse than going to the gym. I had to fight her the whole way. Tally is a very anxious girl. She gets stressed out very easy.

Then Hope came into our lives. The first thing I must say is that Hope loved my girls and they loved her. She was awesome with them. She was also very patient and understanding with me. I had to learn a new way of dealing with the girls and that can be hard, but Hope was very loving and gentle in helping me with the changes that needed to be made.

Training Benefits

While training with Hope, my girls all of a sudden loved to “work”. Before when I went to get Belle’s leash, she would jump all over me like a wild woman. After training she would come and sit right in front of me. She was still so excited, but I could see such a change, she knew she needed to sit and wait for the leash to be put on to go outside for a walk or do our daily “homework”. I remember when I took Belle for her first walk since training with Hope and I was shocked to see the difference in Belle and how she actually let me walk her on a loose leash without having to be drug along. To me it was a miracle.

Tally was a bit more challenging, but Hope saw that we needed to do things a little bit differently with her. She taught me that Tally needed more reassurance and hands on praise than Belle did, and amazingly enough, Tally was happy to do her “homework” too.

We have now finished our basic training and are moving on to Off-Leash training. All I can say is that Hope brought “hope” back into my life. I have two wonderful dogs that I enjoy much more now than I did before training.

Thank you,
Cheryce Johnson, Livermore CA

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