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3 Yrs, 8 Months Old At Training

Behavioral Issues

Murphy didn’t seem to be mellowing out even though he was almost 4 years old. He would bark uncontrollably at noises and people who came over. He would growl and cower at our gardeners and contractors. Walking him with my daughter in her stroller was always challenging because he would pull and lunge at other dogs passing. We needed to get him to stop jumping because our 22 month old will be walking soon and we were worried he would knock her over. I would often feel frustrated that Murphy was so hard to control. After research and many efforts to train Murphy we decided to get a professional trainer.

Training Benefits

Training with Hope has been great. It was so convenient to be able to do the dog training, at my house during my daughters nap time. Hope has shown us how to communicate clearly with Murphy, in his language. The barking has stopped completely. Now I am able to go walking and jogging without Murphy dragging me. He no longer jumps on people for attention and even our contractor has made notice of the changes in his behavior.

Now that Murphy respects our commands we are able to spend more time enjoying our relationship with him and no longer feel annoyed by bad behavior. We are thrilled with the results of the training!

Emily Schofield, Lafayette CA

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