Client Testimonials
1 Yr, 9 Months Old At Training

Behavioral Issues

I called Hope after my office moved locations and I wasn’t able to bring my dog Caesar. Caesar, who was accustom to being by my side since he was 10 weeks old and was not used to being left at home started scratching, licking and chewing himself causing open wounds and scabbing. I also had problems with Caesar pulling me when we went on walks which made it more of a challenge and not so enjoyable.

Training Benefits

After a couple sessions with Hope I could tell the training was working. Caesar would follow me around the house and look at me for direction which he never used to do. I also noticed that the wounds and scabbing were getting better which was a blessing because I wasn’t sure what was causing it. The stimulation Caesar was getting from the training was relieving his anxieties when I needed to leave him home by himself. The heeling training was amazing because it stopped him from pulling on the leash immediately. Now we go on walks without my arm being pulled out of the socket and Caesar being strangled, much more enjoyable!

Hope was excellent and helped me better understand my dog ’s behaviors and what they mean. I can’t say enough about the great work Hope did with Caesar and me. Caesar loved the training and still gets excited when we practice. I strongly recommend training with Hope to anyone who wants a better relationship with their dog or needs to correct any bad habits.

Cory Baker, Walnut Creek CA

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